Debt BeyondBanking

Migrating the World’s Largest Asset Class to the Internet

The Next Great
Australian Adventure

Building Australia’s first ‘Centicorn’ in a century

The OSQO Organisation

Moving Debt Beyond Banking And Onto The Internet

OSQO Capital

Make Debt Investible with a vehicle for bringing investible debt products to a market

Initially incorporating in Australia, United Kingdom, USA & Canada, each OSQO Capital entity is registered and regulated in the jurisdiction in which its products are developed and originated to ensure local compliance.

OSQO Frameworks

Make Homeownership Investible With Compliant Compelling Products

Deposit gap loan financing is a multibillion-dollar challenge and opportunity in Australia. Every year 100,000+ Australians buy their home without a full 20% deposit and need to take out LMI or rely on the Bank of Mum and Dad to fund their deposit gap.

OSQO Exchange

Make Debt Tradable

OSQO Exchanges provide an accessible market for trading OSQO debt securities, architected on use-case specific solutions in selected markets on regulated digital exchanges.

OSQO Web Services

Run The World’s Debt Operating System

A governance framework & delivery capability for ecosystem participants, solutions, protocols and standards. Participants are supported to build and manage their own proprietary financial products and list them on OSQO Exchanges.

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